We are a people walking with God, retelling His story of love and goodness through the life of Jesus. We seek to live the Jesus life as an expression of worship and practice of love, revealing the hope that transcends culture. We invite people to explore their faith in friendship with God and community. Led by His Spirit, we encounter the Father in an ever-increasing revelation and experience of His kingdom and freedom in our lives. As we share in His unfolding narrative, every person finds belonging, purpose and value.




The Why

This online magazine is our baby. It really is the birthing of something that has been growing and laboring for several years. We are seekers, wrestlers, wonderers of God. Out of the countless hours of questioning and exploring, we wept and wondered if we even knew who God was.

And even in the flood of doubt, He showed us, in all of His glory, glimpses of His nature that we had never experienced before. Some of our ideas were changed. Some of our perspectives shifted, and we still have more to learn and more to see of who He is. But one thing is for sure – our lives and hearts are changed and our faith in Him steadfast.

It’s out of this place that we want to share the beauty of what we’ve found. You can EXPERIENCE God in the middle of your questions. You can feel His presence as you wrestle with Him. And you can do it in a place of community. You can do it here.

Ask the questions. Wrestle through the doubts. Find God in the wondering. He really is better than you think.


Our Hopes:

That people would encounter the goodness and beauty of God in the midst of unanswered questions.

That people would feel compelled to find healthy Christian community that empowers them on their journey of exploring the Jesus life.

That people would be provoked to live out a life of love.

That people would see that they can experience the presence of God in every moment and place of life.

That people would be open-minded to see that God is more mysterious than they could ever imagine yet more knowable than they could ever believe.




The Team

Jordan and Andrea Sutton – Founders

Jordan and Andrea are the founders of Clearpath.life, a platform for believers and wrestlers alike to find God in the stories and experiences of others. They have also founded and pastored Clearpath Dallas, a collection of house churches throughout the Dallas, TX area, since 2009.

Both born and raised in Dallas, they have big hearts for its people and love the neighborhood community and church family they’re a part of. They’re excited to branch out to the online community that Clearpath.life reaches.

Jordan is the “big picture” person behind the operation giving skillful direction to the project while building relationships and networking with authors, and Andrea is the “details” person behind it, utilizing her background in editing and writing to bring structure and organization to the process – both using their giftings in different areas and co-leading to make the site and its projects run.

Jordan and Andrea reside in Dallas, TX, with their 3 kids. They are passionate about good espresso, good food, community lifestyle, being active and outdoors, art and film, all while raising kids, chickens, and veggies alike.


Camille D.C. Sutton – Creative Director

Camille D.C. Sutton, a native of Shreveport, LA, came to Dallas to study dance and English at Southern Methodist University. During her broad range of studies, she discovered a passion for storytelling both in the visual arts and writing respectively.

With a BFA in Dance Performance and Minor in English, she is now a professional dancer working in the Dallas arts community, and a freelance inbound marketing strategist/content developer.

Camille is this project’s creative catalyst. Her greatest passion remains to galvanize the creative value of individuals and organizations, so they can artfully share that value in their spheres of influence.

In her down time she enjoys spending all of her earnings at Half Priced Books, and scheming about travel and film with her husband and fellow creative, Tyler Sutton.



Church Reimagined 

In 2009, we started Clearpath Dallas, a church in the eastern part of the Dallas, TX metroplex. Over the years, we saw God move in many ways and do incredible things through the context of our community, but we knew there was more.

Fall 2016 was a marking point for us. We felt God giving us new direction as He asked us to “let everything die that wasn’t from Him” and follow His leading. In this stripping away of our definition of “church,” we found the essence of what He wanted for our community of believers.

He asked us, “How would you do church if you had never seen it modeled in culture today?” We looked at the church of Acts and saw believers sacrificing for community, breaking bread in their homes with one another, and bringing others into His kingdom daily. We see God inviting us to a table to come and dine with Him. As we prayed and asked the Lord what He wanted for us, we felt Him leading us into transforming our corporate gathering into smaller house churches.

House churches provide a place for believers and non-believers to come to a table together, share a meal, share open discussion, find relationship and serve their communities through Gospel initiatives – all in the context of community – all bringing us into the love of God.

We believe that God is wanting to invite communities all over the nation and world to His table and into reimagining what their church community could look like – not just talking about the Jesus lifestyle, but actually living the Jesus lifestyle out practically.

We would love for you to join us on the journey of Church Reimagined. If you’re interested in starting a community of your own or simply have questions, please contact us!