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Living in Love by Chelsie Williams

An intriguing compilation of open letters by Chelsie Williams written to her husband before she met him.  To her surprise, her husband, Justin, published these letters. If you are seeking and waiting for true love, dig into their beautiful love story and find love on the journey.

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I have met many people who love well, though none, I think, as well as my wife. But what truly impacts the lives of those around Chelsie is that she has beautiful words, powerful, truth-telling, heart-piercing, laugh-loving words. It is a gift from the Lord, and as long as I have known her, she has given this gift to Him, to me, and to all those around her. In the creating of this book, reading once again the beautiful words that God has given Chelsie, I have fallen in love with her all over again. I am crazy about her. For you, too, may the words of my wife awaken your heart as you are waiting for love, stumbling into love, and living in love. May you find direction in her seeking, solace in her pain, joy in her fulfillment, and life in her laughter. Live in Love. Justin


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